The Magikal Wizard of Teeth

Many years ago I found myself sitting in the dentist waiting room listening to the sounds and this story popped into my head.  To this day my dentist has this up in his waiting room.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Magikal Wizard of Teeth

By Ch’kara SilverWolf

As I sit here awaiting my appointment.  I listen to the sound of the drill in the other room.  I know the drill awaits me and my tooth, and the dentist will use his magikal powers so there will be no pain.

I have become used to sitting in the magikal chair nearly turned upside down, mouth wide open, eyes closed, wondering what will happen next.

My tooth and I had become good friends.  Then one day it began to ache.  At first, I thought it was just saying hello, but later that night it began to smart, and each time I touched it the pain would shoot into my face.

So off I went to the magician of teeth, the amazing Dr Gregory.  My special tooth, or at least part of it, is going to continue to live with me, with the aide of the magician.

The dental Faeries go about their duties calmly.  Melissa is always there with her welcoming smile as you enter the magikal realm of teeth.  Emily sits calmly beside you as you lay turned upside down, quietly handing the magikal instruments to the wizard.

As I sit here waiting, I know soon it will be my turn.  Time for the wizard to weave more of his magik.

My tooth and I only have two more visits to go in this magikal realm, then off we go into the world for more adventures.


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