Ode to Autumn Season of Change

I am honored to be included in a collection of short stories called Ode To Autumn – A season of Change.  I have decided to post my story Through The Porthole, here for you to read.  If you would like to read the others I have included the links at the end of the post.

Ode To Autumn


Introducing~ An Ode to Autumn~ A Season of Change… An anthology of dark and deadly poems and short stories from over eighteen acclaimed, award-winning Indie authors, hosted by Linell Jeppsen!

Through The Porthole

Rhea had recovered from the passing of David; he had been her best friend as well as her lover. Although she had settled down into the daily routine of living, there was a part of her that was lost.

Her friend Kat had offered her some time out at her house in the mountains. She was looking forward to the solitude, time to think, to sort out what she wanted from life. To recharge and get herself ready to start life anew, instead of the mindless existence she had been drifting through.

She arrived at the cottage on a sunny November day, it was looked beautiful as she came up the drive, which was filled with gorgeous flowers, and the cottage looked warm and friendly.

She opened the door, and stood for a moment looking around; she had been here before with her friend and loved the peace and tranquility of the place. Walking into the kitchen with its oak furniture and pots hanging above the workbench, she discovered that the neighbor had been over and turned on the power and water, also she had left a basket of fruit and the essentials in the fridge such as milk, bread, butter, and eggs. They were such nice people, also in the fact that they would not come around uninvited.

The note with the food told Rhea if she needed anything, to call, otherwise she would not be bothered by anyone. They had been told she wanted quiet time and they understood. Over the next few days, Rhea slept late and took long walks, enjoying the fresh air and peace. She began to feel alive again, she could almost perceive of a new life.

One morning, she woke to the sound of rain on the roof, as she lay there listening, feeling in a sense, cleansed by the rain, she realized she could hear a window banging, so pulling on her slippers and bathrobe, she went upstairs to see where it was coming from.

At the top of the landing was Kat’s room, the sound was definitely coming from there and although she had not been in there before, she did not want anything to be damaged by the water. She went in and closed the window, checked there was no water damage, and as she scanned the room she thought how lovely it was. A big brass four-poster bed with a canopy draped in antique lace. Pillows of all sizes gave the bed a soft inviting look.

Rhea then turned back to the window; it seemed odd to be there. It was round like the window in a ship, a porthole, she stared at it for a while trying to decide why she was drawn to it, then noticed that the frame surrounding it was carved with intricate symbols. She had never seen anything like it, as she stood there; she reached out and traced her fingers over it. It was almost like a compulsion to do this, all of a sudden she pulled her hand away and stepped back, she thought she had seen somebody reflected in the glass. She spun around thinking there was someone in the house, but the room was empty.

Her heart was pounding; her mind was racing with all the possibilities of what it could have been. She was reluctant to focus on what she was really thinking could have happened. Could someone be looking through the glass at her? This seemed impossible as she was on the second floor, her analytical mind did not want to accept this. She knew her friend Kat was open to unusual phenomena, but not her. If you didn’t have a solid explanation for something, then it didn’t exist.

With her heart still pounding, she stepped in front of the window again; she was determined to discover the ‘logical’ explanation for it. So far, everything was normal, and then she put her hand up and once again traced the symbols.

There was a flickering, so steeling herself, she kept tracing them, suddenly the flickering stopped and she could see another room through the glass. There was a man standing there, he turned as though he sensed somebody, Rhea was stunned, standing there transfixed. Then he smiled, he had dark hair and deep brown eyes, which came alive when he smiled.

“Hello, don’t be frightened, my name is Jean-Claude, you must have traced the symbols, that could be the only way we are here like this.”

Where are you? How did you get here? I don’t understand this, it can’t be real, oh god, I must be having a breakdown.”

Jean-Claude saw how agitated Rhea was. He was afraid she would leave. “Please don’t go. Tell me your name, I won’t hurt you. I promise to answer any of your questions. I am as real as you are, you must know Kat, or I think you wouldn’t be here.”

“You can’t be real, this is not logical.” She lowered her head into her hands thinking that when she looked again it would all have been an illusion. However, when she looked up there he was looking out at her only this time she could see his hand on her side of the porthole.

“Please don’t be afraid, what is your name? I promise I am real, see you can touch me.”

Rhea stepped back in fear, no this cannot be true. She ran from the room and slammed the door. What should she do? If she phoned Kat, she would probably think she was going mad. All her friends were so worried about her and had wanted her to see a doctor, a shrink, but there was no need for that, she was perfectly sane. Or was she? She went to the kitchen to make coffee, maybe if she cleared her head it would all make sense to her. She sat with the steaming coffee in her hands thinking how much she wished that it was a glass of wine instead. She had been drinking far too much since David had passed and therefore one of her reasons for being here was to be away from that temptation.

She dressed and walked in the beautiful gardens. This was normal and how it should be. She spent most of the day outside and as the sun began to set she returned to the house. She turned on all the lights and prepared something to eat. She laughed nervously, this was so silly, and it had all been such a stressful time for her she must have been imagining it.

After her meal, she went upstairs and hesitated outside Kat’s room. Maybe she should just go look, and prove to herself it had been her imagination. She went up to the porthole and there were the symbols. They looked perfectly harmless, just a beautifully carved decoration. She couldn’t stop herself, she felt compelled as she stepped closer and once again trace her finger around the symbols. The same shimmering occurred and she could see the other side, although there seemed to be nobody there. She tentatively put her hand up to the glass, and her hand went straight through, as though it didn’t exist. Just as she was about to bring her hand back something grabbed her. She screamed and struggled to pull her hand out of the porthole, but something was pulling her in. Oh god, how was this happing to her? She fought harder, but the more she struggled the more she was pulled in, she thought her arm would be pulled from its socket. Then one last pull and she felt as though she was falling. She hit solid ground with a bang and quickly jumped up. Standing in front of her was Jean-Claude.

“How did I get here? I want to go back, you can’t keep me here.”

He laughed, and suddenly it sounded so sinister. “Oh but I can my dear. You are mine now; Kat promised she would send me a new toy to play with. We are going to have so much fun together you and I.”

Rhea threw back her head and screamed and screamed but no one came. Everyone was told to leave her in peace. A peace she would never know now.

Jean-Claude took her hand and she shivered in fear. “I think my dear, the moral of the story should be. Never put your hand where you think it should not go.” With that, he laughed loudly as she ran to the porthole and banged her hands on the glass; for once again it was solid. There was no escape.


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First Page – Tales from the Sacred Forest

I thought I would post some of my short story First Pages.  Today’s is from Tales of the Sacred Forest.



In a magikal forest, two legendary creatures meet. Tran, a centaur, finds a runaway orphan sleeping in his home. Though shy of humans, he knows she means no harm. As time passes, these unlikely friends grow to love and respect each other more and more. But how can two such different beings make a life together? What kind of future would they have?


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful golden Centaur named Tran. The forest where he lived was Sacred and was named Imnar. His task was to watch over all the beings who lived there. There were animals of many different species: wood nymphs who are exquisite creatures, sprites, faeries, elves and gnomes, all in this forest could speak. Although Tran loved his duty of protector, there were times when he felt a great loneliness, a feeling of being incomplete.

One day a raven named Bran came swooping in. “Tran – Tran there is a human in the forest. She seems to be asleep, but could be hurt. The nymphs are watching over her but are afraid in case she wakes. They do not want to frighten her.”

Tran and Brun hurried through the forest to where the group were standing. When he looked down at her Tran’s heart skipped a beat – she was so beautiful and in her sleeping state looked so at peace. He organised the Sprites and Wood Nymphs to move her to a more comfortable place. They took her to a hollowed out tree house, made her comfortable and took turns watching over her. During the next two days, they all came to admire the human’s delicate beauty. They were greatly concerned that she may not awaken.

On the third day, while Tilly the Sprite was watching over her, she began to stir. As Tilly watched, she opened her eyes, looking up at Tilly in surprise for she had never seen a Sprite before. Tilly began to reassure her that she was safe.

“Please don’t be afraid” said Tilly. “We found you unconscious in the Sacred Forest. You had a bump on your head. We have been so worried; you have been asleep for two days.”

The girl could not seem to speak; she was in awe of the ethereal delicate beauty of Tilly. She realised though that she did not feel afraid.

“I must go and get Tran,” said Tilly. “He asked to be called when you woke up.” Tilly saw the look in the girls eyes and said “Tran is the protector of the Sacred Forest; he will explain everything to you.” Tilly went out leaving the girl to her thoughts. She was very curious about this place and was trying to remember how she got there. She had a sense that there was something very magical about it.

A short time later Tran arrived. As he entered, the girl felt a powerful presence and also had a wonderful feeling of safety. She was intrigued by him, as she had never seen a Centaur before. She looked at his strong legs and body, at his powerful arms and chest, at his face – which had both strength and a gentleness about it – at his thick golden hair and his deep blue eyes. She was in awe of him, for you see, a Centaur is half horse and half man and although she had heard stories she had always thought it was only a myth.


Amazon US:  http://www.amazon.com/Tales-Sacred-Forest-Chkara-SilverWolf-ebook/dp/B00HK3TE52/

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4.0 out of 5 stars A quick but lovely short story. January 16, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is quite a quick read but it tells about a young human girl who falls in love with a fairy beast of the forest. Their union is rift with tension but the ending is poignant and lovely, promising much more to come! I can’t say more, but, as always Silverwolf builds an evocative and gorgeous fantasy landscape



My book Daughter of Light & Dark featured by M.S. Fowle

Today my book YA Fantasy, Daughter of Light & Dark is featured by M.S. Fowle

Final Cover RGB 2 smaller


This is the story of Montayna, a young woman born of both light and dark magik who never knew her parents. She earns her freedom with a bit of magik even she was hardly aware of, but her skill is growing and she needs to find answers. Who is she? Where did her powers come from?  To find those answers she sets out on a journey of discovery, both inward and outward, of dark mysteries as well as light. Will she master them, or they her?Inexperienced and facing incredible dangers in the course of her quest to defeat the darkness that is spreading inexorably across her world, her journey takes her through a landscape of wizards, elves, faeries and wolves, as she throws herself headlong into the fray to challenge the malevolent designs of a powerful Dark Lord.

It is a journey that will eventually change Montayna as well as the world around her.

Book Covers by Lisa Williamson

I have recently published several short stories and my covers were done by my friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson.  She is now ‘open for business’ for book covers at really reasonable prices.  Go check out her site and some of her own awesome covers.

This is an excerpt from her blog

Making covers

As I have put up a number of the covers I have made you readers know I like to make fun covers.  As of now I am starting a business.   So many cover designers are charging up to three hundred dollars for their coves and in my opinion that is too much for the average indie author.

So if any of you are authors and want a nice cover for your books, you can contact me and as the banner says my prices are really reasonable.


New Release – Adventures in the Realm of Faerie

I have recently released a small book of short stories for young children, Adventures in the Realm of Faerie.  The beautiful cover was done by my friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson.



Step into the world of faerie and allow your wonder to run riot with some new friends and their happy adventures. Frolic in the sun and meet some delightful characters, who will share your hopes and dreams as they discover the fun and fantasy of the fae world; it is just a step in time and space.

New Short Story releases by Ch’kara SilverWolf

I have just released four new short stories.  Chloe’s Magik  All cover were done by my friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson.


When her tiny daughter Chloe shows signs of magikal ability, Yasmin faces a dilemma. She is raising her child alone, as the little girl’s father is of a powerful house, and Yasmin had not wanted to hold him back. But the mother does not realize that she has more than her parents at her disposal. Chloe herself is about to lift her tiny hand to affect her mother’s destiny.


When The World Cracked


What do the animals do when the whole world changes? For a young wolf, lynx, and dragon, this is a question that must be answered. In the wake of a terrible earthquake, these three unlikely friends must band together and find their way to maintain hope and a make a new life together.


The Boy in the Tower


Coming of age is a challenge for all young men. More so for Kai than most. He knows nothing about his history and is locked in his room every night, for reasons he has never understood. But a surprise dinner with unexpected guests will reveal to Kai a future he could never have imagined.


Tales from the Sacred Forest


In a magikal forest, two legendary creatures meet. Tran, a centaur, finds a runaway orphan sleeping in his home. Though shy of humans, he knows she means no harm. As time passes, these unlikely friends grow to love and respect each other more and more. But how can two such different beings make a life together? What kind of future would they have?



Georgia’s Tea Party by Ch’kara SilverWolf

I wrote this story for Georgia who was ill at the time.  Her aunty had told me she loved faeries and purple, and so the story unfolded.

Georgia’s Tea Party

One bright sunny day Georgia was playing in her garden with her cat Jasmin.  She had made a cubby house near the big tree with one of her mother’s big purple sheets.  She draped it like a tent with her dad’s help and inside she had scattered some pillows around to sit on.  In the center was her tea set.

Georgia’s mother Kerri came down to the cubby with her little brother Blake and Georgia invited them to tea.  She formally sat them on cushions and made them comfortable, and then she bowed to them.  Today she was wearing her beautiful lilac faerie dress with soft satin slippers.  Her hair softly framing her face and big beautiful eyes.

Kerri and Blake settled into the cushions, Jasmin the cat was curled up asleep on a large cushion looking like a princess.  Georgia began to serve them afternoon tea when all of a sudden she saw a tiny little girl with dark curls and beautiful violet eyes.  She was wearing a rainbow colored dress, but what amazed Georgia the most were the wings coming from her back, they were beautiful.  Georgia could see through them and they seemed to be a golden color.

The little girl smiled and said “Hello Georgia, my name is Liselle, my friends and I were wondering if we might come to tea.”

“Where did you come from” said Georgia “and where are your friends, of course you can come to tea” the words tumbling out of her mouth quickly.

“Oh, we are Faeries, we live here all the time.”  Liselle waved her hand and all of sudden little lights seemed to blink everywhere and then they were surrounded by Faeries.  Georgia looked around in awe.

“Oh, how wonderful, can you see them mummy, oh aren’t they beautiful.”

“See what” said Kerri.  Georgia looked at Liselle and asked why her mother couldn’t see them.  Her little brother Blake had several Faeries and Elves sitting with him and playing.

“It’s very sad” said Liselle “but most grownups have allowed themselves to forget us.  Your mother had friends in the Faerie Realm when she was little like you, but she let her world turn her mind away.  If she begins to trust again in the magic and joy of life then her ability to see us may return.”

Georgia told her mother what Liselle had said and Kerri smiled and welcomed them to tea even though she could not see them.  Jasmin woke up with Faeries sitting on her back and grooming her fur, for cats can see all beings from the other realms.

They had a lovely tea party and played lots of games.  Georgia told Liselle and her new friends that she would soon be starting school and how excited she was.  There would be so many new and wonderful things to learn.

“Please don’t forget us Georgia, we will be always here and we would ever so like to hear about your school days.  We go to school in our world too, we learn from the trees and plants, and from the birds and animals.  And we gain wisdom and knowledge from the oldest Faerie, Janora.”

“How do you learn from trees, and animals?” said Georgia.

“Janora tells us that all trees, plants, birds and animals are living things and all living things can communicate with you.  When you hear the wind blowing through the trees you can hear their music.  The animals show their love for you and talk through touch.  Jasmin talks to you all the time.  There is much beauty in your world if you listen for it.”

“Oh I will,” said Georgia “thank you for telling me how.  What a lovely day we are having.   Will you come to tea again?”

“Yes, we would like that very much, we must go now.   Thank you for a lovely day.”  All the other Faeries and Elves said thank you and waved good bye and disappeared.  Blake laughed and clapped his hands in delight and Jasmin purred and curled up and went to sleep again.

“Oh mummy what a lovely day we have had, I hope that you can see my friends one day.”

Kerri smiled at Georgia, and secretly hoped that one day she would.

The Magikal Wizard of Teeth

Many years ago I found myself sitting in the dentist waiting room listening to the sounds and this story popped into my head.  To this day my dentist has this up in his waiting room.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Magikal Wizard of Teeth

By Ch’kara SilverWolf

As I sit here awaiting my appointment.  I listen to the sound of the drill in the other room.  I know the drill awaits me and my tooth, and the dentist will use his magikal powers so there will be no pain.

I have become used to sitting in the magikal chair nearly turned upside down, mouth wide open, eyes closed, wondering what will happen next.

My tooth and I had become good friends.  Then one day it began to ache.  At first, I thought it was just saying hello, but later that night it began to smart, and each time I touched it the pain would shoot into my face.

So off I went to the magician of teeth, the amazing Dr Gregory.  My special tooth, or at least part of it, is going to continue to live with me, with the aide of the magician.

The dental Faeries go about their duties calmly.  Melissa is always there with her welcoming smile as you enter the magikal realm of teeth.  Emily sits calmly beside you as you lay turned upside down, quietly handing the magikal instruments to the wizard.

As I sit here waiting, I know soon it will be my turn.  Time for the wizard to weave more of his magik.

My tooth and I only have two more visits to go in this magikal realm, then off we go into the world for more adventures.